Best Whole House Surge Protector In India

House Surge Protector, 1 pcs 220V 2P 40KA House Surge Protective Low-voltage Arrester Device, Stable/Easy to Install/Long Serving Life

  • It has the characteristic of stable performance, and easy to install
  • This House Surge Protective Device is only suitable for DC 420V 40KA
  • Application: Protect electric system and on-loading electrical apparatus from thunder and instantaneous over-voltage
  • This Arrester Device is made of high quality material,with long serving life

Belkin Essential Series 4-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket with 5ft Heavy Duty Cable (Grey)

  • The response time of this Belkin Essential 4 socket surge protector is less than 1 nano second, making it an efficient voltage stabilizer
  • Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 4 sockets
  • superior design
  • Delivers power through a 1.5-metre, heavyduty cables

Intermatic IG1200RC3 Whole House Surge Protective Device

  • packed included 1pc
  • 120/240 VAC
  • Green LED status indicator
  • NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure

Smart Plug Power Boss Home Protector 28A High Low Voltage Cutout with auto-Restart with Surge Protection up to 4KV

  • High Voltage Sustaining Capacity upto 440V AC/50Hz. 6)Smartly isolates the load from the power line as long as input voltage is in dangerous zone.
  • Surge Protection at 4KV (4000V included).
  • Automatically detects Un-Healthy voltage fluctuations and trips the power connected to the load though POWER BOSS. Resumes power automatically once voltage falls back in healthy zone.
  • Ideal for Houses, Offices, Shops, Clinics, Hospitals, Air Conditioner, Schools, Commercial Establishments etc.

Honeywell Platinum 6 Out Surge Protector with Master Switch (White)

  • Maximum spike voltage: 6KV.
  • Surge Protection of 918 Joules/ 36000 Amps.
  • Built-in 6 – line surge protection with LED light.
  • Piano glossy white finish.

Magnus Home Protector (White)

  • 12 Months Guarantee From Original Purchase Date Against all Manufacturing Defects Only NO GUARANTEE Against Physical Damage Or Liquid Damage
  • Low voltage cut-off 170v (Adjustable)
  • Short circuit Protection Over loading Protection
  • Electric shocks/earth leakages

Intermatic IG120RSM10 Consumable Module Replacement for Whole House Surge Protective Device

  • packed included 1pc
  • Power and protection status LEDs
  • Consumable modules can be easily and safely replaced by end user - no hard wiring required
  • Type 1 or type 2 applications

amiciSmart Over Voltage/Current Protection with Surge/Lightning and Leakage Protection Auto-Reconnect Circuit Breaker, 63A, 220V Single Phase (White, ABS)

  • It checks faults first in circuit before closing the breaker. 12 Months Warranty
  • Complete Protection of all kinds (supply side as well load side) for whole house, it's a must have in every house, office, etc
  • Fully Adjustable (Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current)
  • It is intended for a circuit of AC 50Hz with maximum rated current of 63A

EURO CONTROLS Euro Automatic Adjustable Over/Under Voltage/Over Current Protector with Auto Recovery Switch - Taiwanese Excellence - Voltage & Amp Meter - Din Rail Mount - Single

  • [ Over-voltage ] protection : Value range: 270V - Over-voltage recovery voltage range:220V ~299V (default:250V) - Over-voltage protection actuation time: <1s (default value:0.1s) - Recovery Time : 60s. Variation +/- 5v
  • Rated Load : 40 Amps - Rated Voltage : 230V 50 hz , Package contents : 1 unit protector , 1 instruction manual
  • [ Under-voltage ] protection : value range: 170V - Under-voltage recovery voltage range:151V to 220V default:170V - Under-voltage protection actuation time: <1sec (default:0.1s) - Recovery Time : 60s. Variation +/- 5v
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