Best Voltage Protector For Home In India

EMBOX Automatic Voltage Protector for Home and Office Devices (Delay on - High Voltage and Low Voltage Protection)

  • When voltage is higher or lower than normal voltage, it cut off to protect the equipment safe.
  • Application To: TV, telephone, air condition, fridge, microwave, PC, Laptop, etc
  • On delay time: 30's to 3 min be choice

EuroControls Euro Automatic Adjustable Over/Under Voltage/Over Current Protector with Auto Recovery Switch - Taiwanese Excellence - Voltage & Amp Meter - Din Rail Mount - Singl

  • [ Over-voltage ] protection : Value range: 270V - Over-voltage recovery voltage range:220V ~299V (default:250V) - Over-voltage protection actuation time: <1s (default value:0.1s) - Recovery Time : 60s. Variation +/- 5v
  • Rated Load : 40 Amps - Rated Voltage : 230V 50 hz , Package contents : 1 unit protector , 1 instruction manual
  • [ Under-voltage ] protection : value range: 170V - Under-voltage recovery voltage range:151V to 220V default:170V - Under-voltage protection actuation time: <1sec (default:0.1s) - Recovery Time : 60s. Variation +/- 5v

EuroControls Euro Controls Automatic Adjustable Over/Under Voltage/Over Current Protector EVP71R with Auto Recovery Switch - Volt & Amp Meter - Din Rail Mount - Single Phase - 63Amps 220V

  • Rated Load : 63 Amps - Rated Voltage : 220V 50/60 hz , Package contents : 1 unit protector , 1 instruction manual
  • [ Over-voltage ] Setting range: 220V~280V~OFF (default:280V) - Over-voltage protection actuation time: 0.1s~0.5s - Recovery Time : 2s~600s ( Adjustable )
  • [ Over-current ] adjustment range:1~63A - Over-current actuation range:5~600 second (adjustable). Ampere Reading on Display is only after load is greater than 5Amps (Important Note)
  • [ Under-voltage ] Setting range: 140V~210V OFF(default:160V) - Under - Under-voltage protection actuation time:0.1s~0.5s- Recovery Time : 2s~600s ( Adjustable )

Smart Plug Power Boss Home Protector 28A High Low Voltage Cutout with auto-Restart with Surge Protection up to 4KV

  • High Voltage Sustaining Capacity upto 440V AC/50Hz. 6)Smartly isolates the load from the power line as long as input voltage is in dangerous zone.
  • Surge Protection at 4KV (4000V included).
  • Automatically detects Un-Healthy voltage fluctuations and trips the power connected to the load though POWER BOSS. Resumes power automatically once voltage falls back in healthy zone.
  • Ideal for Houses, Offices, Shops, Clinics, Hospitals, Air Conditioner, Schools, Commercial Establishments etc.

Single Phase 230VAc Digital Home Protector High & Low Voltage Protection Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection Surge Spike Protection Earth Leakage Electric Shock Protection

  • Earth Leakage Electric Shock Protection
  • High & Low Voltage Protection
  • Over Load Protection
  • Power Back Surge Spike Protection

EuroControls EVP3PH - 3 Phase Voltage Protector - 63A - Adjustable Over/Under Voltage/Over Current/Voltage Asymmetry/Phase Sequence & Failure Protector - Auto Recovery Switch - Voltage & Amp Meter

  • Phase Sequence and Phase Failure Protection
  • Over Current Protection range 5A-63A
  • Detects and trips on Voltage Assymetry with auto recovery function once the symmetry is restored
  • Adjustable Automatic Recovery time of the device once device has tripped it recovers back automatically, when the parameters are within the set limits

amiciSmart 3-Phase Automatic Over/Under Voltage Protector with Over Current Protection and Auto-Reconnect Din-Rail Mount 63A 220V (White)

  • Under-voltage protection value range:140V 210V Adjustable (default 170V)
  • Max Loading power 63A

Jarchii Overvoltage Protector, AC230V 63A Double LED Display Single Phase Adjustable Voltage Current Protector for Home Appliances Industrial Machine Factory Devices

  • Overvoltage value, undervoltage value, overcurrent protection and fault recovery delay time are adjustable.
  • Low power consumption and long mechanical life.
  • The protector has over voltage protection, under voltage protection and other functions.
  • Double LED display, this protector can display voltage, current, etc.

Smart Plug High Low Voltage Protector @ 6Amp with Cord with Surge Protection Upto 4000 Volts.

  • Ergonomic design. Suits to any decor. Very handy design. Comfortable for housewives to fix. No special skills needed for installation. Cord Length - 69 cm
  • Recommended for Washing Machine, Laptop, TV, Home Theater, DVR, Food Processor, Water Purifiers, Vaccume Cleaner etc.
  • Automatically detects Un-Healthy power fluctuations and trips the power to the appliance. Resumes power automatically once voltage is Healthy.
  • Plug in Smart Plug into wall power socket. Plug in your appliance power pin on Smart Plug. Switch on the power and stop worrying.....24 X 7 X 365
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