10 Best softball 12 inch In India (October 2021)

Franklin Sports Official 12 Inches Fastpitch Softball

  • Official 12-in size and weight
  • Solid PU core and Syntex synthetic cover
  • Features flat seams that run true to the cover for less air friction

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Series Lightweight Softball Glove, 12-Inch

  • Lightweight, technical mesh designed shell
  • Soft PU-laminated constructed palm for comfort and performance
  • Adjustable wrist closure provides a custom fit

MacGregor X52RE ASA Slow Pitch Synthetic Softball, 12-Inch, Pack of 12

  • ASA approved
  • COR 52/300 max. comp
  • Poly graphite core and Red stitching

Mizuno GMVP1200PF3 MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Gloves, 12", Left Hand Throw

  • Gender engineered: designed specifically for the female Softball player
  • Professional level lace: same durable lace that's offered in our professional-level gloves
  • Bio soft leather: professional style smooth leather that has the perfect balance of oil and softness for exceptional feel and firm control that serious players...

Markwort Weighted 12-Inch Softball-Leather Cover, Orange

  • Synthetic cover, yellow stitching. As you train, gradually increase the weight of the ball as you build strength in your throwing arm.
  • Color coded cover indicates the ball weight - 7 Oz

Mizuno GFN1200F3 Frachise Series Fastpitch Softball Gloves, 12", Right Hand Throw

  • Designed for the fast pitch player
  • Java leather: pre-oiled tumbled leather that is game ready and long lasting
  • HiLo lacing: alternating lace pattern retains the integrity of a fully-laced web with greater flexibility

Franklin Sports MLB Indestruct-A-Ball Softballs (4 Pack), 12.0", Optic Yellow

  • Extremely durable and built to last thousands of hits
  • Lab tested to last 5x longer than traditional plastic practice balls
  • Limited-flight design for easier retrieval

Franklin Sports Softball Glove - Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove - Windmill Fastpitch Pro Series - Adult and Youth Fielding Glove - 12 Inch Right Hand Throw - Pink

  • LIGHTWEIGHT MESH DESIGN: Constructed from lightweight technical mesh, this glove gives maximum comfort and helps facilitate quick hands out in the field
  • ADJUSTABLE WRIST: Designed with an adjustable wrist closure to ensure a comfortable customized fit for all players
  • SOFT POCKET: The soft pocket material is designed for a quick, easy break in process and provides a dynamic, responsive feel when catching the ball

Voit Sponge Center Softball, 12-inch

  • Soft, stingless ball has a textile inner core and a polyester cover
  • Perfect for beginner players - removes any fear
  • The official safety ball of the American Softball Assoc. (ASA)

Jugs Softie 12-Inch Softballs (One Dozen)

  • Same size as regulation leather softballs, 11-inch and 12-inch
  • Official ball of the JUGS Pitching Machine League Games
  • Genuine leather cover with genuine stitching