Best Remote Control Light Switch In India

Verilux® Wireless 4 Way ON/Off Wall Lamp Light RF Remote Control Switch Module Receiver+Controller, 220V

  • No Interference: Every set of remote controlling switch has its special code and the more sets can be used in one room without interference. It can be used in house stairs, aisle, corridor, bathroom, warehouse, garage, factory, workshop' lighting.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for remote controlling of droplight, crystal lamp, modern low-pressure lamp, absorb dome light, day flower lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, exhaust fan, LED light, string light, etc.
  • Safe and Durable: The wireless lamp remote control switch is made from fireproof material, which is safe and durable for use. The package includes 1 Piece Main Device and 1 Piece Remote Controller
  • Quick and Easy Installation, not obstructed by walls, capable of connecting any loads. Remote controller and switch can be used simultaneously for ease and flexibility.

SiSAH Mini 1 way wireless Remote Control Light Switch 220V small size

  • Suitable For Home, Office, Hotel, Factory, Hospital, Restaurants, Meeting Rooms, Museum, Shop, and Art Gallery etc
  • 1 Ways Remote Control Switch (Works 20 To 30 MTS) ON/OFF One Lamps/Fan
  • Remote Control, Replace Original Wall Switch Directly, Radio Frequency, Anti-Interference, No Barrier
  • 1 Ways Digital Switch, Wireless Remote Control Switch, Remote Controller

Dott Modular Remote Control Switch Cube 2.1 for 2 Lights 1 Fan, One Way Wireless Smart Switch - A Home Automation Device. (2 Light and 1 Fan)

  • Operating Voltage : 180-240v AC, Frequency : 50 Hz Load capacity : Resistive load : 200w; Inductive load : 150w. Remote Control working range: 40ft (depending upon battery conditions). 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

RSCT Digital Switch 2,3,-Way ON/Off 220V-240V Light Digital Remote-Control Wireless Wall Switch with IR Remote Control (3WAY)

  • Specification Input Voltage: 110V
  • Remote control distance: about 8-15meters indoor, over 20m outdoor.
  • Launch battery: 12V 23A (Include)
  • Color: WhiteSuitable For Home, Office, Hotel, Factory, Hospital, Restaurants, Meeting Rooms, Museum, Shop, and Art Gallery etc

RE CO SYS Remote Control Switch with Learning makes Compatible with all Wi-Fi IR Blaster to use with Alexa (Pro-With Timers,Sleep,Adv.L, 2 Light and 1 Fan Regulator|Modular Type|White|)

  • EXPERIENCE RECOSYS- the absolute best, long-lasting, Unmatched premium feature-rich remote switch available in the market. We are one of the Oldest Indian Companies manufacturing Remote Switches since 2008, We design and manufacture all our products in India for Indian conditions & usage.18 MONTHS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY- and are 100% repairable with free service charge after the warranty period.
  • IMAGINE REMOTE CONTROL BEYOND SIMPLE ON-OFF AND SPEED REGULATION FOR HOME AUTOMATION WITH RECOSYS UN-MATCHED PREMIUM FEATURES - Timers, Sleep Mode Delay Timer, Sleep Mode, Advance Learning, Inbuilt Memory, Big Display, Extra-Ordinary Remote Sensing from any angle, The smallest size-1 module only, LED Dimming Mode, Comes with Sparkless and noiseless Switching, Power on delay, overload protection, Fan-jam prevention for long life, very easy installation, no new wiring needed
  • ENJOY THE MOST AMAZING FEATURE OF LEARNING OTHER IR REMOTE, by which it can be operated by any  IR Remote like TV, Set-Top Box, Mobile Phone with IR blaster, any brands Wi-Fi IR blaster, enables it to Voice Controlled with Google Home and Amazon Alexa Voice Assistants by simply giving commands like "Alexa turn on the fan", etc. like a Smart Plug or Smart Switch. Also,  no dependency on the company remote, as you can use any remote to control it.
  • AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE IF YOU HAVE ELDERS, SMALL ONES, BED-RIDDEN AT HOME, to operate and regulate the lights and fan from the bed itself. Protects them from the ill effects of direct air from a fan running at a high speed in the morning. Using Timer and Sleep Mode completely automates the Fan operation (with Air-Conditioners)for deep and uninterrupted sleep.

SiSAH Plastic 4 Way RF Remote Control Switch Metal Body (Multi-Colour, Standard Size)

  • It is a 4 Ways Remote Control Switch (Works 25 MTS To 50 MTS) on/OFF One Lamps/Fan
  • It is Multi-Coloured

SiSAH ABS Plastic 220V 2 and 2 CH 2 Receiver and 1 Transmitter Wireless Remote Control Switch

  • 2 Way 2 receiver 4 way Remote Control, Manual Control Each Way Can Turn On/Off Independently, All The Ways You Can Turn On/Off Completely

Dott Systems Diaze LF Remote Control Switches for 1 Light and 1 Fan - Home Automation Device

  • Sensor is placed in open outside the existing switch board.
  • Operating Voltage: 180 – 240 V AC., Frequency – 50 Hz.
  • Small 1M device is placed inside the metal box and connected to two manual switches. This allows you to operate 1 Light & 1 Fan.
  • Diaze Device allows you to automate any switch board.

Dott Systems Remote Control Switches for 1 Light and 1 Fan with Speed Regulation (Modular)

  • Shock proof and energy saving, IR Technology, Inverter and generator compatible.
  • Voltage: 180-250V AC ; Load Capacity: LED Panel-36 W | Others-100W
  • Remote Control working range: 40ft (depending upon battery conditions). One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Single module Switch with Remote Control
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