10 Best Fur Real Friends Pet Toys In India (October 2021)

FURREAL FRIENDS Poopalots Lil’ Wags Interactive Pet Toy, Connectible Leash System, , For Kids Ages 4 and Up

  • Adorable kitty you can feed and walk: And clean up after she poops
  • Poopin’ fun on the run: Comes with a lil’ poop scooper that attaches to the leash
  • Connect your pack: Connectible system lets you walk this kitty by herself or with other poopalots and walkalots pets (Other pets sold separately; Subject to...

Furreal Friends Poopalots Lil Wags Interactive Pet Toy, Connectible Leash System

  • Connectible Leash System
  • Just connect the leash, give this cuddly puppy a few of his included treats, then take him for a walk
  • Ready for potty time? Push his tail down to help him poop, then use the small scoop to clean up

FURREAL FRIENDS Howlin’ Howie Interactive Plush Pet Toy, 25+ Sound-&-Motion Combinations, Ages 4 & Up

  • This hound loves to make sounds: The furreal howlin’ howie interactive plush pet toy howls well, a lot he moves his head up and down as he howls and barks,...
  • Howl-back mode: Howl at him or speak to him and he’ll howl back
  • Cuddle mode: Pet his back and he’ll respond to you with happy, cuddly sounds

FURREAL FRIENDS Peealots Lil’ Wags Tabby Interactive Pet Toy, Ages 4 and Up

  • FEISTY LITTLE KITTY who likes to walk – and needs to pee
  • CONNECT AND WALK around the nearest tabletop
  • FEED PET with her bottle

FurReal Friends Jake My Jumping Yorkie Toy - Interactive Plush, Ages 4 and up (Amazon Exclusive)

  • This version comes in simple brown packaging
  • Jake, My jumping’ yorkie pet looks and acts like a real pup
  • Pet jumps up on his hind legs and barks when you wave at him or pet his head

FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-with-Me Kitty Toy

  • Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty toy responds to you
  • Pet her forehead, wave her kitty toy at her, squeeze her front right paw or press her back
  • She pounces, jumps, wiggles her paws and makes kitty sounds

FurReal Friends® Bootsie

  • Bootsie pet looks and acts just like a real kitty
  • Wave at her or tap her mouth with included treat for fun expressions
  • She loves to be cuddled

FURREAL FRIENDS Cuddlin’ Cara™, For Kids Ages 4 and Up

  • Sweet kitty to care for - cuddle this soft kitty and give her special bottle
  • Makes feeding and sleeping sounds when given her bottle - the more she's fed, the sleepier she gets (complete with sleepy sounds)
  • Her eyes open and close she makes such sweet expressions when she's fed

Furreal Friends Walkalots Big Wags Llama Interactive Pet Toy, Sounds and Motion

  • Exotic llama pet: A wonderful, multi-coloured llama pet that you can take for a walk
  • Fun features: Fun llama sounds, a bouncy walk and springy tail motion
  • Connect your pack: Connectible system lets you walk your llama by herself or with other walkalots pets (Other pets sold separately; Subject to availability)

The Pets Company Real Fur Mouse Cat Toy with Rattle Sound

  • Made with real rabbit fur, makes for a great interactive cat toy
  • Awaken your cat's natural hunting instinct
  • Keeps your cat stimulated mentally and physically