Best Electronic Lock In India

NAVKAR SYSTEMS Key Electronic Door Lock and Remote Kit (Silver)

  • Easy Installation

  • Suitable for Residential Building, Commercial Office, Hotel, School etc

  • Support all types of Audio/Video Door Phones

Electronic spices DC 12V Lock Door Electric Lock Assembly Solenoid Small Electric Lock Access Control Lock for Door Cabinet Drawer Security Electronic Lock for All Kinds of Container Products

  • In the anti-theft and shockproof design, the lock is better than other kinds of locks
  • Voltage : DC 12V, Current : 0.8A
  • It' is small size and light weight, just takes up a small space. So it's perfect lock to be used for the small box or small cabinets, such as deposit box, cabinets, safes etc

Alba Urmet Nickel Plating Polished Electronic Door Lock

  • For safety, please use powdery lubricant for the cylinder. E.g pencil powder
  • Use a DC12V +/- 10% voltage

NAVKAR SYSTEMS Coil for ALBA and CP Plus Electronic Door Lock

  • Lock Coil can get damaged by giving continuous current, so avoid giving Current for Longer Period of time
  • Same Coil Fits in CP Plus, Alba, Secureye, Hikvision, Realtime, OEM Locks
  • There is no warranty on Lock Coil
  • If the Lock is not operating by 12V, then you need to change the Lock Coil

Secureye Hikvision Polished Electronic Lock with Puch Button

  • 5pcs brass standard keys
  • With push button
  • Brass deadbolt
  • Brass hook latch

NAVKAR SYSTEMS Electronic Door Lock with Biometric RFID Password Access Control Support

  • Easy Installation, Note- It includes electronic door lock only
  • Support all types of Audio/Video Door Phones
  • No Expert Required, High Quality & Reliable, Branded Product with 1 Year Warranty & Bill

JKPlus Polished Electronic Door Lock Operate by Remote for House Main Metal Door, Gate

  • Can be operated via bell switch/ remote/ keys
  • Stainless Steel Electronic Door Lock for Wooden, Metal gates
  • 5 computerized dotted keys and 3 RF Remotes (100 feet range)
  • High Quality & Reliable, Branded Product with 1 Year Warranty & Bill

NAVKAR SYSTEMS Stainless Steel Polished Electronic Lock for House Main Metal Door with Remote (Silver, Standard)

  • The Color, Shape & Size of Lock, Adapter & Remotes may Change without Prior Notice
  • No Warranty on Physical Damage and Adapter and Burning of Lock Coil
  • If you want to operate by Remote & By wired Switch you are suggested to Buy the Lock with Power Supply & 3 Remotes as per this Link
  • This System is suitable if you want to operate the lock by remote only.

Ozone OZFL-201 Electronic Digital Furniture Lock (Black)

  • Automatic Locking: Once the drawer is shut, the lock is automatically engaged even if it is not engaged manually
  • Protect your drawers, cabinets and almirahs from unauthorized entry. The Ozone Furniture Lock OZFL-101-PW is a condensed, digital furniture lock. It can be utilized for cabinets, almirahs and drawers
  • Wood Thickness: Suitable for 11-14mm
  • Master & User PIN Code Access: Makes you the sole guardian of the valuables inside the drawer; a 4-15 digit code can be entered for PIN- both User & Master PIN Code.
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