10 Best Electric Breast Pump In India (November 2021)

While buying an electric breast pump, it is necessary to go for a quality option available out there in the market. As you can find that there is a range of brands available for the electric breast pump and all of them are trying to be unique by coming up with unique designs.

However, all those brands can’t be the best ones and there are certainly good ones that you can take into consideration. Comparing the key components of an electric breast pump like build quality, the use of material, reputation of the brand, and reviews from the previous buyers can come in handy. It will be easy to figure out a quality deal by sorting out the best options based on reviews.

No doubt that every parent wants to go for a quality option to prevent any harm to their baby. If you are not selective enough with the electric breast pump and go with a low-tier option, you might end up having issues with the build quality and durability. To help you out, we made a list of top 10 electric breast pump that are highly reliable and they can meet your desires for sure.

While making this list, we did check all the necessary features, compared all the options based on their reviews and finalized the best electric breast pump. You can do the same by comparing the below given top options that we hand-picked and find the perfect one.

Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps In India 2021

Without wasting any more time, it would be a great idea to go with the top electric breast pump on this list. Let’s get started by exploring the list –

Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump (Yellow)

  • 6 months warranty on the motor unit;Can be operated using one hand;Compact design;Easy to operate

Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump

  • Gentle and efficient single phase expression and full range adjustable vacuum for comfort and efficiency
  • Quickly assembled and cleaned
  • Preferred pump for mothers who want to be mobile

Luvlap Elite Electric Breast Pump with 2 Phase Pumping, Rechargeable Battery, Soft & Gentle, BPA Free

  • For gentle and effective expression of Breast Milk
  • 2 phase operation: Stimulation -Expression , 9 level intensity adjustment per mode
  • Soft silicone massage cushion ensures comfort

R for Rabbit First Feed Smart Electric Breast Pump for Women with Automatic Anti Back Milk Flow Pump for Mother, Moms (Black)

  • Breast Pump with Safety 1st : First feed Smart Automatic Breast pump is CE Certified and it is made up of BPA Free material.
  • Electric Breast Pump with Massage & Suction Modes: 10 Levels of Massage Mode with 3 levels of Frequency and 15 levels of Suction with 3 levels of frequency to...
  • Automatic Breast Pump with Intelligent Touch Control: Touch panel with display makes operation easy for moms to adjust modes with just tapping fingers on...

LuvLap Royal Electric Breast Pump with 2 Phase Pumping, Rechargeable Battery, Soft & Gentle, BPA Free

  • For gentle and effective expression of Breast Milk
  • 2 phase operation: Stimulation-Expression l 5 Level Adjustable intensity and frequency of modes
  • Additional 2 in 1 mode for a pre-set combination of stimulation and expression

Vandelay® Rechargeable/Portable Electric Breast Pump - BPA Free & Pain Free - Hospital Grade (White)

  • Reliable and Safe - Our Electronic Breast Pump uses Medical grade silicon material and is CE Certified from an EU Certified body - TUV, making is reliable, BPA...
  • Powerful and Easy to Operate - Our single breast pump is designed to achieve high sufficient suckling, to allow for maximum milk in the least time. Very...
  • Easy to Clean - The parts or the breast pump can be placed in boiling water for 5 mins. Sterilise all parts which contact with breast milk before use. The...

Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump, Manual Silicone Pump for Nursing & Breastfeeding, Single Pump, 150 ml

  • Compact and lightweight: The Harmony fits snugly in the hand and is ideal for travelling thanks to its light weight and quickly disassembled parts
  • Naturally clever: Thanks to its special 2-phase expression handle, the baby's sucking behaviour can be imitated; for pleasant, effective pumping
  • Especially comfortable: The innovative oval PersonalFit Flex chest cap is completely rotatable and can be positioned individually

Luvlap Electric Breast Pump with 3 Phase Pumping, Rechargeable Battery, Convertible to Manual Breast Pump, 2pcs Breast pads free, Soft & Gentle, BPA Free

  • For gentle and effective expression of Breast Milk
  • 3 phase operation: Massage-Stimulation -Expression l 9 level intensity adjustment per mode
  • Smart Memory- remembers last usage settings

Kiddale 3 in 1, Automatic, Rechargeable, Electric Breast Feeding Pump(with 9 levels suction), Massager, Milk Vacuumizer: with Glass Milk Bottle, LCD Display (Nipple sizesupported up to 20mm)-Pink

  • LARGE LCD DISPLAY WITH BACK LIGHT FOR REAL TIME OBSERVATION : Kiddale electric breast pump is equipped with large LCD screen that can show the suction status...
  • DOUBLE FREQUENCY EXCHANGE PROMOTING LACTATION BY MASSAGE : This electric breast feeding pump supports fast sucking massage function. Moms need to touch only one...
  • STRONG VACUUM WITH 10-GRADE ADJUSTMENT ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP : Make bottle air-free for long storage of milk. It thus helps to reserve and preserve milk safely....

Bottom Line

The list of best electric breast pump is focused on the value for money factor instead of premium quality. However, you can find many premium options in the list and figure out great deals.