Best Dimmer Switch For Led Light In India

Generic 110V/220V 300W Adjustable Controller Led Dimmer Switch For Dimmable Light Bulb Lamp

  • Features: - Compatible with 95% silicon controlled power supply - Switch memory power - Dimming no jitter Package Included: 1 x LED Dimmer Switch 2 x Screws

DHRUV-PRO LED Switch Dimmer Controller DC 12V 24V 30A 360W 720W for Led Strip Single Color LED Strip Lighting Lamp Ribbon Light Black Button Control Brightness

  • The product is really easy to install.
  • When PWM digital is dimming, it can avoid rush current, protecting your led light being damaged.
  • Simple to use. With a knob controller, it's operated by manual. It also has an auto memory function, bring your much convenient to use in home.
  • Constant voltage and constant current output can be connected with amplifiers to extend its load.

Maxmoral 1pc DC 12V 24V LED Strip Dimmer Switch with DC Female Male Adapter Single Color Mini LED Lamp Lighting Accessories Brightness Adjustable Controller Manual Knob Dimmer Switch White

  • Wide Application: Mainly Used To Adjust The Brightness Of Single Color LED Lights, Such as 3528, 5050, 5630 Strip LED ligths for urban lighting, holiday atmosphere, KTV, gym, car lights, etc.
  • Operate Voltage: DC12-24V; Max Static Power: 1W; Max Output Current: 6A; Output Power: 5V(30W), 12V(72W), 24V(144W); Output: 1 channel
  • DC Standard Plug: 5.5x2.1mm male / female power plug connector, professional appearance for power cabling, save time and more secure cable connection.
  • Knob Operated Control: Rotate the knob to turn on/off the light brightness gradually to the appropriate light intensity. Easy to use.

JSTBUY LABEL Replacement Lamp Wire with Led Light Dimmer Switch, Halogen Bulbs Holder for Lamps and Aroma Diffusers Mirchi Bulb Complet Set

  • Suitable for operating salt lamps, table lamps, LED tape lights, etc.
  • Operating Voltage: 220 volts
  • Can be used with Most of Aroma Diffusers
  • Bulb Holder Power: 50 watt

DHRUV-PRO Touch Panel LED Light Dimmer Controller Switch, DC12V-24V 8A Wall-mounted Touch Panel Brightness Adjustable Dimmer for Single Color LED Light Strip, Black

  • Lightweight and small size, easy to install and use, The product is really easy to install, Made of high quality ABS material, this product is sturdy and durable
  • 4A for each channel, DC12V-24V 8A Wall-mounted Touch Panel Brightness Adjustable Dimmer for Single Color LED Light Strip
  • Adopts capacitive touch design, comes with rich dimming and color adjustment function
  • Fashionable and beautiful appearance, practical and simple function

Narang DC 12V-24V 8A LED Bulb Dimmer Switch Brightness Controller

  • Dimension (L x W x H): Approx. 88 x 60 x 56mm(3.5 x 2.4 x 2.2 inch) Color: Beige
  • There is a black knob, just twirl it to adjust the brightness of LED lights
  • It's suitable for DC 12V - 24V power
  • Output power: 12V<96W, 24V<192W 0-100% fully PMW dimmable Output: 1 Channel 96W 12V (0-8A)
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