Best Automobile Clear Coat Spray Paint In India

SAMURAI KUROBUSHI Spray Paint 1K 2Star Transparent Top Coat #K1K**- Clear Glossy (D-I-Y Do It Yourself)- 300ml, Gloss Finish

  • Anti-Corrosive, Non toxic, Non Chipping, Lead free. Protects from moisture, corrosion and dust.
  • NON YELLOWING CLEAR- With 2 year gloss retention guarantee Samurai Kurobushi’s K1K** Clear is especially formulated for High gloss appearance with protection against corrosion and exterior weather conditions.
  • SCRATCH REMOVER- Repairs and removes minor scratches.
  • GASOLINE / PETROL RESISTANT, Waterproof & Washable, Crack Resistance, Exterior grade -Non fading, Durable & Elastic

SAMURAI KUROBUSHI Spray Paint 2K Top Coat #2K01A- PU Clear MATT (Transparent), Flat Matte Finish (D-I-Y)- 400ml

  • Curing time - Allow 48 - 72 hours to fully dry. Pls check our video for application instructions. Avoid Spraying in rainy / high humidity weather conditions.
  • GASOLINE / PETROL RESISTANT, Waterproof & Washable, Crack Resistance, Exterior grade -Non fading, UV Resistant, Durable & Elastic protection against corrosion and resisting extreme weather conditions.
  • SCRATCH REMOVER- Repairs and removes minor scratches.
  • NON YELLOWING POLYURETHANE (2K-PU) MATTE CLEAR, Excellent Resistance to Scratch, Abrasion and mild chemicals/Thinner. 2K Automotive grade DIY clear coating.

Nippon Paint Ryo Pylac 1000 Rainbow Clear 0.3L

  • Low smell, CFC free and quick dry
  • Excellent coverage
  • Used in home decor, automobiles, offices, industries, functions, domestic items and appliances

Spraymax 2K Clear Coat Spray Can - High Gloss Clear Coat for Repair and New Paint Jobs - Diverse Applications - Professional Results - Bundled with Moshify Spray Can Trigger

  • MOSHIFY SPRAY CAN TRIGGER - Utilizing Spraymax’s rotating nozzle this spray trigger lets you paint like a spray gun without the hassle of all the clean up afterwards. Just snap it on and save your fingers from unnecessary pain and suffering
  • 2K CLEAR COAT - Unlike other automotive clear coats the 2k is a two part paint that leaves you with professional results every time. 2k clear coats will cure faster and harder leaving you with a high gloss finish that will have everyone staring
  • 48 HOUR POT LIFE - Project taking longer than you thought or have a busy schedule? Spaymax has you covered with an astounding 48 hour pot life. Unlike the traditional 6-8 hours you'll have plenty of time to get your clear coat exactly how you want it
  • LONG LASTING - Spraymax 2k clear coat spray paint offers maximum resistance to abrasion and scratching. With high chemical, gasoline, and weathering resistance this clear coat will keep your paint sealed for years to come

SAMURAI KUROBUSHI 2K PU Spray Paint Coat #2K04- EPOXY Surfacer Primer (Grey) (D-I-Y)- 400ml

  • Suitable for painting Car, Bike, Metal & Plastic surface, Acrylic & Fibreglass, Bicycle, Art crafts, wood, wooden furniture and Multi purpose usage.
  • Excellent Corrosion / Rust protective coating. DIY - Useful for Restoring, Repairing, Repainting on Old and New surfaces
  • IMPORTANT NOTE- Comes with inbuild hardener - After activation this product (2K04) HAS TO BE USED within 4-5 hours. After 5 hours of being activated we DO NOT recommend to use this product.
  • 2K EXPOXY STRENGTH- Excellent Resistance to Scratch, Abrasion and mild chemicals/Thinner, UV Resistant.

Sampro lacquer spray Paint 400ml (clear glossy)

  • Applicable Dengerouse Goods Regulations: Extremely Inflammable, Pressurised Container, Irritant and Can cause dizziness, Keep Away from Heat/Hot Surfaces, Do not pierce or Burn after use, Do Not expose to temperatures above 50 Degree Celsius
  • Quick Drying, Excellent Adhesion, High Coverage, Rust Resistant Formulation, Long Life
  • Ingridients: Isobutyl acetate, Xylene , Propane, n-butane , methyl isobutyl ketone ,Methyl Propyl Ketone, Acetone

Com-Paint Spray Paint Can, Clear Gloss Finish 160 g/320 ml

  • Awesome Finish & Multiple Finishes - Great results are what we all want to achieve and Junio Aerosol Spray Paint just gives you that. Our metallic spray paints are made using imported pigments for a better particle orientation when you spray and greater longevity. Junio is available in High Gloss, Semi Glossy, Matte or Matt and even Dead Matt finishes.
  • The Perfect Colour Spray - Junio is specially formulated by Com-Paint as spray paint for metals, wood, plastics, fibre sheets, refrigerator, artificial flowers, graffiti, automobile parts, cycles, bicycles, helmets and various other objects. The Silver spray paint, Golden Spray Paint and Glow in Dark paint are a few from our must try color sprays.
  • Direct From Manufacturer - We are right there to help you if you face any kind of issues in spray paint. It is being sold by us, the manufacturers in 40 exciting colours spray paints and car scratch remover spray value pack kits as well.
  • Quick Dry In Just 2 - 3 MINUTES - You no longer need to wait for the paint to dry forever!! Junio just dries in 2 -3 minutes and you are ready to use the product. It is the best quick drying paint spray which you have always wished for.

Hydrographics India Water Transfer Printing High Gloss Clear Lacquer Topcoat Aerosol Spray For Cars Bikes Helmets And Accessories (400Ml)

  • Ideal for automobiles, motorcycles, appliances, furniture, etc. hydro dip paint hydrographic printing
  • Highly durable, fast drying, high gloss, weather resistant,UV protection
  • Specially formulated for hydrographics process ,can be used for all general paint projects as well
  • Premium quality spray paint formulated from 100% pure acrylic.

Hydrographics India Water Transfer Printing Satin Matte Lacquer Topcoat Aerosol Hydro Dip Spray Paint for Cars Bikes Helmets and Accessories (400ml)

  • Specially formulated for hydrographic paints and water transfer hydro dipping film
  • Can be used for Matte look over paint finish
  • Can be applied to various materials like plastic, metal, wood

SAMURAI Kurobushi Aerosol Multipurpose Spray Paint for Cars & Bikes-#2K01-CLEAR

  • Once this can is activated then you must have to use it before 4 hrs.
  • Gasoline/ Petrol and crack resistant.
  • Colours can withstand upto 50°C, One can cover 1sqm to 3 sqm of area of surface.
  • Can be stored for years without being expired
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