Best Auto Upholstery Cleaner In India

Auto Mate® Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (Grade 6707) for Car Interiors-(408gm/450 ml)

  • It cleans and brightens up the materials on which it is applied without leaving any spots or stains. Suitable for use on automobile seats and seat covers, carpets and general upholstery materials used in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and similar institutions.
  • Fast acting, foamy cleaner. Suitable for spot cleaning of carpets, upholstery, door and roof lining of cars.
  • Does not generally leave bleed spot and rings.Compatible with most textiles and fabrics.
  • Removes general dirt and stains from most textiles and synthetic leather. Compatible with most textiles and fabrics.

Mayon Auto Garage Upholstery Versatile Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Works on Leather Furniture, Car Seats, Shoes, Bags, Jackets, Saddles (100ml)

  • ✅ CONDITIONS LEATHER, VINYL, AND PLASTIC INTERIOR! When cleaning your car, the exterior is how outsiders can tell if youâ€ve done a decent job or not-- The inside is your interpretation! Over time, your interior components take a beating from passengers and collect dust and grime-- Protect your investment and make your leather and interior easier to clean for months!
  • MADE IN INDIA! We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and believe that this is THE BEST Leather & Interior Upholstery Polish on the market! If you donâ€t agree, weâ€ll do everything we can to make it right. So good ahead, and order your bottle of Mayonâ€s Upholstery Polish!

ArmourMe Premium Car Foam Cleaner | Auto Detailing | Car Dashboard Cleaner | Upholstery & Fabric | Car Interior Cleaner Solution | Powerful Stain Remover for Car Seat, Carpet & Floor Mats. (175 Ml)

  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC AND HYPOALLERGENIC! This formulation has been in our arsenal for years, and there’s a reason we haven’t touched it-- It just works! Watch the deep cleaning effects because the safe, hypo-allergenic chemical removes even the toughest stains!
  • BEST CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANER AVAILABLE FOR CARS! ArmourMe premium car cleaner breaks down dirt and stains at the source! By breaking down stubborn stains and dirt , this interior carpet cleaner is that the best for your car.
  • NO SMELLS & NO SCENTS & NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS - ArmourMe premium Car Cleaner was designed to be TOUGH but gentle! Your interior will simply be clean, without any unwanted cleaning agent smells, or fake "fresh" scents! Likewise, the formula is completely clearcoat safe so you can use it on your painted surfaces without worry! We specifically developed the Ultimate Cleaner to be the most versatile and easy to use cleaner for all your car cleaning kit needs!
  • EASY TO USE AND EFFECTIVE EVEN ON THE WORST STAINS! Simply spray and agitate, then wipe off to get rid of stains on car seats, headliners, or carpets!

Auto Tech Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

  • - Premium quality
  • - Anti Bacterial

Auto Expert Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner Concentrate 250ml


Auto Bros All Purpose Extraction Cleaner (1L Pack) | Cleans Leather, Dashboard, Plastic, Upholstery & Carpet

  • A combination of water miscible solvents and surfactants, this all-purpose cleaner breaks down dirt and grease with ease
  • At higher concentrations, it is great for cleaning wheels, tires, whitewalls and pre-spotting carpets before shampooing
  • Perfect for cleaning carpets, fabrics, vinyl upholstery, engine compartments, fender wells, door jambs and more

OTOROYS Multi-Purpose Interior Foaming Foam Cleaner for Home and Auto Seats, Dashboard Leather Vinyl Rubber,Doors, PU/Leather- 500 Ml

  • CAR INTERIOR FOAMING CLEANER :- Water Less Dry wash Car Cleaner & Polish Its no Scratch Formula Makes It Easy And Safe To Regularly Wash Your Car Interior and Exterior Without Having To Use Any Water.
  • Ideal for auto boat & home especially effective for cleaning vinyl and fabric upholstery floor mats, carpats and chromw. Excellent for cleaning appliances formica bathroom fixtures asphalt or ceramic tile painted walls wall covering screen window fans porcelain painted wood or metal.

Sapi'S Multi-Purpose Interior Foaming Foam Cleaner for Home and Auto Seats, Dashboard Leather Vinyl Rubber,Doors, PU/Leather- 500 Ml

  • Helps restore true color and appearance, Removing Heavy Duty Dirt and Food Stains Leaving Behind a Pleasant Fragrance which Quickly Clean & Dry the Surface
  • Especially Design for Upholstery, Carpets , Roof - Lining , Plastic and Vinyl Surface & Seats
  • Removes soil and stains from vinyl or fabric upholstery and carpets
  • Easy to Apply Aerosol Foaming, Does Not Attack Any Component

Maple Car Care Upholstery Cleaner Plastic Rubber Vinyl Leather Cleaner, Car Interior Dashboard Cleaner 5ltr Pack (Concentrate 1:10-1:20)

  • Acts as a DIY dry cleaning substance that restores your fabric/ upholstery to its former ‘newer’, ‘cleaner’ self.
  • Extremely economic product that is very easy to use. Saves you time, money, and the hassle of trying to transport large pieces of furniture fabric or cushions
  • The Maple Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner comes in a concentrated form that needs to be diluted 15 times before use
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